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Cerrin Lathrop grew up dancing in Phoenix, Arizona from the petite age of two, along side her father (dance teacher) at Dance Connection under Lisa Waddell and Lori Johnson. During high school she danced along side Jaci Royal and Joseph Corella in the Thunderbird High School Performing Arts Program.  


In Arizona she continued her dance education at the collegiate level, obtaining a BFA in Dance Studies from Arizona State University (ASU).  While there, she studied under Mary Fitzgerald, Jennifer Tsukayama, Karen Schupp,  Elina Mooney and Claudia Murphey as well as guest artists and teachers such as Liz Lerman, Daniel Nagrin, David Dorfman, Ronald K. Brown and many others. She was recognized with a multitude of awards and scholarships such as Outstanding

Dance Studies Student Award 2007 and Arizona's Best Choreography Award 2006. From the 2007-2008 season, she was the artistic director of Off Centre Dance Company Jr., the junior dance company (ages 10-16) of Mesa Arts Center.


From 2008-2012 she moved to Portland, Oregon, where she co-founded SubRosa Dance Collective (2011), danced and choreographed for Polaris Dance Theatre (2010-2012) and taught at the Center for Movement Arts (2010-2012).  


From 2012-2016, Cerrin was teaching and choreographing in Okinawa, Japan.  There she taught in international schools, multiple studios, collaborated with Japanese artists and choreographers and developed a new, comprehensive dance program at FootLoose Dance Studio, where her and her students gained international recognition for their wins at the 6th-9th Ryukyu International Ballet Competition.  While abroad, she maintained her position as choreographer and co-artistic director via technology and video for SubRosa Dance Collective.


In 2016 she returned to the United States, where her marriage to a military man lead them to a station in Minot, North Dakota. There, she is the Assistant Director to Joshua Wise at Studio X...A New Generation of Dance.  Together, they secured National Championship titles (2017-2019), produced and directed 4 full length stage productions, organized 3 recitals and doubled the size of their studio and program.

Lathrop has established a reputation as an "out of the box" technical trainer incorporating innovative cross training and scientific based methods into her lesson plans.  From the absolute beginner to the most advanced student, Lathrop makes sure a dancer understands the how and why of technique in order to smoothly portray choreography and artistic intent.  Her focus in the studio is to develop strong, flexible, healthy dancers who are capable of analyzing and explaining reasons and methodology behind movement while expanding their performance capabilities.  She has found this approach to training create dancers with a deep love, appreciation and understanding of the art form. 

"[Lathrop] was painfully beautiful to watch...her smooth, seamless movement, I was reminded of melted chocolate."

Jamuna Chiarini, Oregon ArtsWatch

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